Having one own house is the very first dream of every Nigerian. Buying a housing property is treated as the biggest investment for the lifetime and where different residential projects from distinct builders are running then it become complicated to choose one of the best projects and invest in that only. Every real estate builder comes up with exciting features, series and offers on different project to excite the buyers to invest in that project. It becomes complicated for the buyer to choose ‘which one is the best to invest’ and buy residential property in that project hence he look for advices and tip to buy a housing property from the real estate developer. Some of properties buying tips are mentioned as below:

Set the Future goals

As the property is the being source of investment which gives good return in future hence some people buy residential or commercial property for investment purpose and some buy for their residential or commercial purpose. So decide first you purpose and future goal first and choose the residential projects accordingly.

Prefix the budget

Before going out to buy property, it is necessary to fix the financial budget before. The different properties has different price as in the market. Hence it is quite essential to decide a budget price to spend on property and from where it will be managed.

Location priority

Locality matters a lot for family hence it should be prioritized to finalize the location prior to buying the property. Connectivity, way of commuting, shopping market etc. etc needs to be considered in choosing the location. A flat at already developed is always valued at higher in comparison to the developing stage.

Type of property

Ready to move, resale or possession after a particular time period, such schemes are available for buyer in real estate. In the first two buyer can shifted into the house by a paying partial payment and rest on agreement basis. In possession the buyer has to book the flat in residential project and get possession after the project completion. The project has the time limit to accomplish and buyer has to wait till that and EMIs go on. It should be decide before what your need is and how far you can wait for the flat.

Deal with Builder

After finalizing the home work choose the builder and contact him about his running residential projects and offers, amenities provided in the society as well. You can negotiate with him on price as well.


To make the bought house own, registration is the legally mandatory process to execute. Registration and stamp duty has the fix circle rate of that area which the buyer has to be paid to make the flat his own.